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Heating System

Repair and Replacement

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Heating System Maintenance & Repair

There are many reasons that annual heating system maintenance is a good idea. The fact is that even a brand new heating system will begin to decrease in efficiency even after only one year. The decrease will be small, but if you do not have your heating system maintenanced regularly, you're going to lose a little more energy efficiency every year. By having your heating system or air conditioning system regularly serviced by Town & Country, you'll be extending the life of the system. During the regular maintenance check, the technician will check for any minor problems or signs of irregular wear that could become larger problems over time if not addressed. They can also replace any parts that are close to failing without waiting for that failure to actually occur, saving you both the inconvenience of having to deal with an unexpected emergency repair and the cool temperatures in your home.
Heating System Replacement
Often it is possible to offset the cost of a new system with the energy savings and reduced repair bills alone. Today we have incentives from many sources that will make a new unit even more affordable.
The annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE; pronounced 'A'-'Few' or 'A'-'F'-'U'-'E') is a thermal efficiency measure of combustion equipment like furnaces, boilers, and water heaters. The AFUE differs from the true 'thermal efficiency' in that it is not a steady-state, peak measure of conversion efficiency, but instead attempts to represent the actual, season-long, average efficiency of that piece of equipment, including the operating transients. It is a dimensionless ratio of useful energy output to energy input, expressed as a percentage. For example, a 90% AFUE for a gas furnace means it outputs 90 BTUs of useful heating for every 100 BTUs of Natural Gas input (where the rest may be wasted heat in the exhaust). A higher AFUE means higher efficiency.
Recommended Systems
Heat Pumps Not as efficient as geothermal but less expensive to install. Even if you don’t plan on living in your home for a long time Heat Pumps and Geothermal are good choices because they help the resale of your home. Dual Fuel Systems   This combines an electric heat pump and gas furnace. Again this system is designed to be very efficient. High Efficiency Gas Furnace  With efficiency ratings as high 97% these systems are still probable a lot more efficient than your present system giving you a payback on your investment in a few years.
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Heating Repair